at:Solo Exhibitions
site:University of Michigan School of Design Media Union Gallery(USA)
date:Novembe 1998




In this exhibit, the calligrapher’s field of vision will be enveloped by a calligraphy head-mount monitor that he is to use as an original that he is to copy off of. Because the calligrapher can not see anything but the original, he is to write the “rojected original”while being guided by the operator of the projected image.A small video camera is located at the tip of the calligrapher’s brush to capture the condition of the ink flowing onto the paper from the brush.A video projector will reflect this image onto a screen.Physical sounds such as the alligrapher’s breathing will be detected with a small microphone for it to echo throughout the gallery.RINSHO will be conducted throughout the gallery by repeating the actions above.


1998_11_rinsho_02 1998_11_rinsho_03 1998_11_rinsho_04 1998_11_rinsho_05 1998_11_rinsho_06 1998_11_rinsho_07 1998_11_rinsho_08