at:Beyond The Century
site:Nagoya University of Arts Art&Design Center
date:Dec 1999



A live giant stag beetle larva was loaded into the computer three-dimensionally. An image visualized by the 3D rendering software and the giant stag beetle larva were placed on the flatbed scanner. A setting in which a woman covered the larva as she pressed it was scanned into the computer. Two texts were attached to the printed images.




Expected to become a highly valued imago, the giant stag beetle larva was cultivated. He became part of the “creation” of the human hands. Using the 3D scanner, the moving larva was reproduced precisely as a 3D computer graphic. The image of the larva being pressed on the flatbed scanner is recorded in detail. The life of an object is presented rather heartlessly, or whatever.




The navel and the mother were connected. By pressing the larva with her belly, she became part of the “creation,” which reminded one of life. The hunched larva next to the navel makes one think of an embryo. The 3D representation of the moving larva evokes heartbeats. Regardless of what one did to change the larva, life persisted, or whatever.