河原崎 貴光
takamitsu kawarasaki

1975 : Born in Shizuoka, Japan
1994-1998 : Nagoya University of Arts [Oil Painting]
1998-2000 : Master program of Nagoya University of Arts [Contemporary Arts]
2001-2007 : Associate Professor, Kyoto University of Art and Design[Visual and Performing Arts]
2007- : Associate Professor, The University of Tokushima [Integrated Arts and Sciences]

creates various works on and with different medias, using photographs, images, language, smells, internet or robots,
and makes critical works.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2002, The Museum of Contemporary Art Nagoya,The Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium,[Consciousness of Water]
2000, Kyoto University of Arts Art&Design Gallery Raku,[imitate to the life.]
1998, University of Michigan School of Design, Media Union Gallery, RINSHO
1998, Gallery Yamaguchi,[Is this material correct?]
1997, T’s Gallery,[In the name of -]

Selected Group Exhibitions
2008, “Small Token, between little stories and public sphere”,Liverpool Street Studios gallery (adelaide)[landscape08]
2006, china central academy of fine arts,”international exchange exhibition”,[landscape]
2005, “tRAUMgeBILDe 2005 Mail Art-Postkunst”(Koln),[landscape]
2004, “Japan Media Arts Festival”,Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography,[Is this material correct?]
2001, Kyoto Art Center,”channelN”,[conversational]
2002, GalleryVARTAI(lithuania),”Fjapan-5+1″,[x/img/self/group/plasia]
2000, Yebisu Garden Place The Garden Room, “PHILIP MORRIS ART AWARD 2000 FINAL SELECTION”
1999, Nagoya Port Garden Warehouse, “Media Select”,[tracer]
1997, Nagoya Science Museum, “Nagoya International Biennale, ARTEC ’97″[bottle No.1-No.3]
2000-2008, “KOMMEN SIE NACH HAUSE” , berlin,Koln,Duseldorf,Madrid,Amsterdam,Beirut,Chicago,Tokyo,etc

collective projects
2006,,Kyoto University of Arts, Xilinhot(china),[Net Water]
2004, AYA project,Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media
2002, Gallery16,Gallery caption,[the source]
1995-1997, club Diamond Hall(nagoya), “pop gear”